WELCOME TO PIYUSH PHARMA "To Provide Better Healthcare Solutions For Preserve Earth Most Precious Resource"
Human Lives

Piyush Pharma is created out of passion to become a global healthcare company by offering World-class quality pharmaceutical products and services for various critical illnesses and diseases.

Piyush Pharma is founded and managed by professionals of varied domains of healthcare industry itself who have got vast experience with unmatched expertise to achieve the above said objective.

From the Proprietor’s Desk

When I used to walk alone and dream of a healthier world

Our inbuilt preparedness, vision and empathy for the needy made me to think of an affordable alternative to provide better healthcare for common man.

Vikas Bhamre

Tablets & Capsules

Tablets and capsules are widely manufactured and prescribed and may provide a number of advantages over other dosage forms, including ease of storage, portability, ease of administration, and accuracy in dosing.

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A liquid preparation of medicinal or flavoring substances in a concentrated aqueous solution of a sugar, usually sucrose; other polyols, such as glycerin or sorbitol, may be present to retard crystallization of sucrose or to increase the solubility of added ingredients.

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Injections into the anterolateral aspect of the thigh are considered the safest because there is less danger of damage to a major blood vessel or nerve.

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